How Much are Parmesan Bread Bites at Dominos?

Parmesan Bread Bites are a side item on the Domino’s pizza menu. They are bite-sized pieces of bread that are coated with a garlic-butter spread and then topped with Parmesan cheese. They are typically served with marinara sauce for dipping.

A order of Parmesan Bread Bites typically costs around $5.

Parmesan Bread Bites are one of the most popular items on the Dominos menu. They are bite-sized pieces of bread that are coated in a garlic and Parmesan cheese blend, then baked to perfection. So, how much do these delicious bites cost?

For a small order of Parmesan Bread Bites, you’ll pay $3.99. If you’re looking for a larger order to share with friends or family, you can get them for $7.99. Either way, these bread bites are a great deal and sure to satisfy your cravings!

Domino’S Bread Bites Price

Domino’s Bread Bites are a new menu item that come with eight pieces per order. They are garlic-buttered and cost $5.99.


How Much are the Parmesan Bread Bites from Domino’S?

Parmesan Bread Bites are one of Domino’s most popular side items. They are small, bite-sized pieces of bread that are coated in a garlic-butter sauce and then covered in Parmesan cheese. They are usually served as an appetizer or side dish, but can also be ordered as a main course.

The price of Parmesan Bread Bites varies depending on the location, but they typically range from $5 to $7 for a small order (8-10 pieces).

How Much is a 16 Piece Parmesan Bread Bites?

A 16 piece Parmesan Bread Bites from Domino’s costs $5.99.

How Many Pieces are in Dominos Parmesan Bites?

There are 50 pieces in Dominos Parmesan bites.

Does Domino’S Have Parmesan Bread Bites?

No, Domino’s does not have Parmesan bread bites.

Dominos Parmesan Bread Bites Garlic Knots Review


If you’re a fan of garlic bread, you’ll love Dominos’ Parmesan Bread Bites. These bite-sized pieces of garlic bread are coated in a blend of Parmesan and Romano cheeses, and they’re the perfect side to any meal. So how much do they cost?

A small order of Parmesan Bread Bites costs $3.99, while a large order costs $5.99. If you want to add them to your pizza order, they’re just $1.99 for a small order or $2.99 for a large order. And if you really can’t get enough of them, Dominos now offers an ‘XL Garlic Bread’ that comes with 12 Parmesan Bread Bites for just $7.99.


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