Does Jimmy Johns Sell Day Old Bread?

Yes, Jimmy Johns does sell day old bread. The bread is typically discounted by 50% and can be found in the bakery section of most stores.

We’ve all been there. It’s 3:00 pm, you’re at work, and you’re starving. You know that Jimmy John’s is right down the street, and their sandwiches are always fresh and delicious.

But then you remember that rumor you heard about them selling day-old bread. Is it true? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Jimmy John’s has been known to sell day-old bread to its customers. The good news is that they do mark the expiration date on the bag, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to purchase it. However, many people have complained about getting sick after eating expired food from Jimmy John’s, so proceed with caution!

Jimmy John’S Day Old Bread 2022

Jimmy John’s Day Old Bread is back for another year! This time, we’re offering a wider variety of breads to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your sandwich. We’ve also added some new flavors, like sourdough and rye.

And of course, our signature 8-grain wheat bread is still available. With Jimmy John’s Day Old Bread, you can save money and get a delicious sandwich at the same time. Our breads are baked fresh daily and then delivered to our stores overnight.

That means they’re not quite as fresh as they could be, but they’re still plenty delicious – and a lot cheaper than buying fresh bread every day. So if you’re looking for a bargain on your lunchtime sandwich, stop by Jimmy John’s and pick up some Day Old Bread. It’ll save you money and taste great!


Can You Buy Yesterday’S Bread at Jimmy John’S?

No, you cannot buy yesterday’s bread at Jimmy John’s. All of the bread at Jimmy John’s is baked fresh daily and is never more than a day old.

How Long Does Jimmy Johns Bread Stay Good?

Jimmy John’s bread is made fresh daily and only stays good for that day. After that, the bread starts to stale and is no longer as delicious. So if you’re looking for a fresh, tasty sandwich, you’ll need to head to Jimmy John’s on the day you’re planning to eat it.

Can You Buy Loaves of Bread at Jimmy John’S?

No, Jimmy John’s does not sell loaves of bread. However, they do sell a variety of sandwiches on sliced bread, as well as wraps and chips.

How Do You Soften Jimmy Johns Day Old Bread?

There are a few ways to soften Jimmy Johns day old bread. One way is to place the bread in a preheated oven on warm for about 10 minutes. This will help to steam the bread and make it more pliable.

Another way is to wrap the bread in a damp towel and microwave on low for 30-60 seconds. This will also help to steam the bread and make it more flexible. Finally, you can place the bread in a plastic bag with a small amount of water and microwave on high for 30-60 seconds.

This will create moisture inside the bag which will help to soften the crust of the bread.

Jimmy John’s Day Old Bread Review


Jimmy John’s does not sell day-old bread. The bread is made fresh daily and delivered to each store. There is a small amount of bread that is left over at the end of the day, but it is given away to employees or local charities.


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